Silence Your Inner Critic
Learn How To Reprogram Your Inner Critic, 
Take Control Of Your Thoughts And Create New 
Habits That Will Transform Your Life..  
My special guide will show you:
  • How to literally dissolve the inner critic that aims to stop you from taking the next big step in life.
  • Clear out unwanted emotions and to delete the negative memories that keeps you feeling small.
  • The method to create a profound sense of certainty within you.
My name is Kathryn Orford and I’m known as a confidence coach and best-selling author.
I want to help you to reprogram your inner critic and become more effective at achieving your goals in life. 
Hear What Others Have To Say About Become Your #1 Fan
Kathryn's book provides the tool to 
produce results. It’s the real “secret” to manifesting all of your dreams.
This book is a game changer.” 
- Dr. Sugar Singleton Marcy
Best-Selling Author and
International Speaker
 It’s jam packed with exercises, tools and techniques to forever change how you feel about yourself and your ability to create the life you’ve always dreamt of."
-Sam Cawthorn
International Speaker, Young Australian of the Year and Best Selling Author of Bounce Forward 

Her intuitive wisdom, combined with her mentoring tools, make this book a portable coach to take with you wherever you go, most especially when you are needing inspiration or simply a reminder of who you are and why you are
valuable. ”
- Baeth Davis
International Speaker, Mentor CEO of
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